KMI "Six Pillars" Business

Initially, KMI established pioneered the manufacture of only high quality blow plastic molds, over time, KMI is currently running six business pillars.
We aim to lead the industry in a wide range of service development in order to deliver accurate solutions to the plastic product industry.

Strength Point

Own good relationship with Japanesse group company and
staffs who gained " Japanese way of thinking "

By collaborating with and supported by Japanese group companies, KMI can proceed manufacturing while directly sharing detailed information during the process.
It enables mold delivery with speed and high manufacturing level in Japan.


KMI Equipment Introduction

We have the best equipment in order to develop the highest level of mold manufacturing and related services in ASEAN region.
We create an environment that can guarantee not only manufacturing but also quality control, and provide high service with an in-house integrated system.


Introducing Reliable Production and Results

Winning abundant achievements with major manufacturers based on the technology cultivated by continuing to meet customer needs.
Proudly to become the top share in blow molding dies in Indonesia, also provides vacuum dies for Panasonic refrigerators to five countries: Brazil, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India.


Introduction of Japanese Group companies who guarantee the production quality of KMI

KMI cooperates with Japanese companies "Kanto Seisakusho Co., Ltd." and "Nakamura Seiko Co., Ltd.", as group company.
We are making a leap in customer satisfaction by closely training staff and sharing information on each project.